When you’re not controlling the car, does that always make an accident?

The healthcare engine is running hot — Technology, marketing, Social, regulations, customer empowerment, innovation, public policy — you get the feeling that all of these, which used to run in their own silos for the most part, are now colliding, weaving in and out of their traditional lanes. This makes all us either feel a desperate "What did I miss today" due to information overload and the uncertainty it creates to that sense of things speeding up beyond your control and what you did today may be irrelevant tomorrow…and both feelings are true. 

But information overload is not what is on my mind. The infographic below is an amazing road map of what is possible for technology across many sectors and types. Here is the link: http://www.fastcoexist.com/1680247/an-interactive-infographic-maps-the-future-of-emerging-technology

What is both perplexing and inspiring and scary for those us in health care marketing is how what seems like seperate silos, when put under the health lens, start to cross over and impact each other…personalized medicine seems obvious, but printing organs? Domestic robots by 2020? Just play that out. What does that do to EHR's? Do you have a personal EHR robot? Is is a nurse? It boggles the mind and was worth sharing.

This is not a "Chicken Little" moment where the sky is falling, though it is raining in a way — raining ideas, raining possibilities that look like formidable challenges to large organizations. But our ability to adapt is huge. It is how we knit these potential discoveries together which is the key to not just producing better medicines, and better care, but also staying in business. 

The future Chief Customer Officer (patient and HCP) in biotech and pharma companies will have to have the CTO and the CMO report to him/her. Otherwise, we will be stuck in our lanes, when we should be colliding. 



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