Surprise! EHR’s are hurting not helping the doctor /patient relationship.

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Summary: A healthy Patient-Doctor relationship is the core of all healthcare.  This reports on a JAMA* study as well as one brilliant doctors’ personal view on the impact of EHR’s on that hallowed relationship. When JAMA publishes a study, everyone pays attention. But this was not a clinical study; this was research into the impact of EHR’s (Electronic Health Records) on the patient-doctor relationship. They videotaped numerous consults and them interviewed the patient afterward. Guess what, the news is not good. (Especially for those Biopharma marketers looking at EHR’s as a new promotion channel: do you really want to annoy the doctor more by interrupting their work with a savings card?) With the healthcare system was heading towards the abyss of being…

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Inspiration-time! Great sites for UX, Story-telling (and not Pharma! one’s either!

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Navel-gazing, they call it.This used to be the expression for folks who were too self-engrossed to see beyond their belly button. All too frequently, all of us suffer from it. With content creation, technology and media evolution happening faster than Moore’s Law, it is very easy to become myopic in how we view Digital/MCM. To get past this, we should search, crave, embrace sources of inspiration to make ourselves smarter, better marketers. Case in point: I was working with some great folks at AppWapp in Montreal (http://www.appwapp.com/en/index.php), and the project/design lead, Sabrina, and I were struggling a bit to take my Brand Exercise output and craft the new Web site experience for Pleio, the patient adherence company. I suspect I…

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The “Periodic Table of Storytelling”, an amazing resource for a strategy we all should embrace

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Storytelling by employees, patient advocates and patients themselves who just feel compelled to share…this is a fundamental strategy that Pharma, ACO’s, Hospitals, need to use NOW to break down the barriers between their customers/patients and the inherent regulatory and cultural limitations they have to deal with. As an example, Pharma which has a terrible reputation (undeserved, complex and not black and white), should be the first category to stop creating non-authentic, non-emotional, advertising and create credibility and connection through storytelling. It is a gravity point for human-2-human communications and connection. Unlike MLR fears of QOL promises gone amok, the fact is, patients just want to hear a “real” voice to relate to. Authenticity would do wonders for Pharma Brands. It…

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