Never forget: we are all patients.

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This is a tale about content. And the human heart. Or maybe, in this Age of where we must break-through to grab attention, it is both.  

Having been in CRM for so long, I subscribe to a lot of emails/newsletters.  Some as a professional marketer; just as many as a human being who has seen health care from the patient side at it's best and worst, it's most noble and most craven. 

PatientsLikeMe ( has always been on the forefront of so many groundbreaking patient-centric efforts — you can just feel how hard they work at keeping their focus on helping and supporting through sharing. 

I had to share their most recent eNewsletter.  The content was great, but that's the professional in me. The human Me was moved to no end, read on and on, felt the power of stories shared, fears opened and dealt with, news and patient-centric services intermixed  – even to announcing a new partner who had a passion for helping patients navigate the health care payment system.

It spoke to several attributes that many companies — device, drug, biologic, orphan, EHR, — should pay attention to as the challenge of creating content becomes evident in 2014.

This communication covers so many powerful lessons that should inform and guide patient-centric and Brand-engaging content:



PatientsLikeMe Jan 2014 email

1. Authentic

2. Compassionate

3. Topical (problem-solving, discussing urgent issues)

4. Service-oriented: Value-add (the new partners to help members with paperwork, CoPatient)

5. Dialog (there are feedback mechanisms, even Pharma can manage if the industry tries hard enough)

6. Authored (a human being behind all the content)

 Writing content like they do at PatientsLikeMe demonstrates their commitment and passion for supporting patients; many Brands woulds do well to emulate these human "pillars" of powerful content. 

As a side-note to this, I read a simple 7 step approach to creating content that speaks to some of these attributes,

But what does it al come down to? Corporations opening up to their own, and their customers, humanity.