H2H Marketing is here: Is Biopharma ready? Probably not.

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Well, technology and marketing have caught up with a post I did nearly 2 years ago: the emergence of Human-to-Human marketing. Let’s do an update. The rapid evolution of marketing automation, BI tools, the ability to build a patient or customer profile based on far more than one-dimensional Rx consumption or prescribing habits, the era of Human-to-Human marketing is on our doorstep. Are we as Biopharma marketers ready and able? Probably not. But understanding what has evolved is also to understand how best to take advantage of it. To start to understand truly “human marketing” you need to see that equal value if the analytical tools, but also empathy and compassion. Cleveland Clinic sets the bar high but we should…

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The A.I. Challenge: What happens when robots replace truck drivers? A fascinating view of one economic theory.

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AI is seeping into our conscious but not as quickly as it is seeping into the technology we already use or about to purchase — like Amazon Echo or Financial Service Bots, to name two. What happens when robots replace drivers? Not just like the Uber Pittsburgh pilot, or those in Silicon Valley, I am speaking of the real truck drivers — and the Pew interactive graphic is a bit stunning to view — never did I imagine in so many states being a truck driver in the dominant job. This email from the Octalysis a Weekly email, which usually has a singular focus on gamification but this week took a social engineering note that blew my mind. Here is…

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Artificial Intelligence and Healthcare: It’s here but is it ready?

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Summary, a 4-minute read: this covers the emergence of Artificial intelligence bots — like Alexa from Amazon — and how they are starting to be used in healthcare. But the challenges are as long as a python — from privacy to cost, customization to making it relevant. We all should know by now that AI is another industry-changing technology. Once you study it, the concept of “Beyond-the-pill” seems one-dimensional. But to apply it to a patient app it seems a bit premature. Or is it? What is in the market now? The AI tipping point has occurred, driven mostly by Alexa/amazon and Google Now. But people already use their voice-recognition software in their smartphones now. Just look at the landscape chart in…

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Does Biopharma “get” the role of caregiver? Do any of us really market to their needs? Ask 65 million people. (Part 1 of 2).

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Summary: 65 million caregivers. Their role is often undefined, undeserved and undersupported. Are we as marketers, and as human beings, missing out on a key audience and the opportunity to engage with a key Influencer? Caregivers challenges are formidable — there must be ways to help. While this is an ever-growing part of the population, we as brand marketers in healthcare need them on our side — or rather, we need to be at their side! Remember, when your branded treatment needs to be part of the conversation, a caregiver may be your best sales force!  So, best advice: don’t reinvent the wheel. Check out the numerous existing resources (some examples in this post) before developing any strategy; look to…

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The “Periodic Table of Storytelling”, an amazing resource for a strategy we all should embrace

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Storytelling by employees, patient advocates and patients themselves who just feel compelled to share…this is a fundamental strategy that Pharma, ACO’s, Hospitals, need to use NOW to break down the barriers between their customers/patients and the inherent regulatory and cultural limitations they have to deal with. As an example, Pharma which has a terrible reputation (undeserved, complex and not black and white), should be the first category to stop creating non-authentic, non-emotional, advertising and create credibility and connection through storytelling. It is a gravity point for human-2-human communications and connection. Unlike MLR fears of QOL promises gone amok, the fact is, patients just want to hear a “real” voice to relate to. Authenticity would do wonders for Pharma Brands. It…

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The Doctor Will See You Online Now

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In past posts, we've written about patients having assistance from and access to all kinds of people in the healthcare system, including nurses, pharmacists and other patients. Now, as reported in the Wall Street Journal Health Blog on Thursday, the Rubicon has been crossed. Patients are now able to have an immediate consultation with a physician online. According to the Journal, A patient who wants an online doctor consult can log on and get something approaching a complete doctor visit, often without waiting. The doc can review the patient’s record, make a diagnosis, write a prescription and make a referral, all online. Patients without a webcam can talk to the doctor on the phone. Now, there are obvious limitations to…

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AGENT SMITH: Do you hear that, Mr. Anderson?Agent Smith grabs Neo in a choke-hold, forcing him to look down the tracks, the train’s headlight burning ahole in the darkness.AGENT SMITH: That is the sound of inevitability.From the film The Matrix Yesterday, in The New York Times Magazine, there was a story about a new web site called The story, which may require registration to read, is here. When reading it, you should mentally accompany it with the sound of inevitability, whatever you deem that to be. A relevant excerpt: Tere are a little more than 7,000 Todd Smalls at PatientsLikeMe, congregating around diseases like Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis (M.S.) and AIDS, all of them contributing their experiences and tweaking their…

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