What is Value-based medicine? Is this patient or profit-centric?

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Value-Based medicine. Everyone is talking about it; biopharma is questioning what the managed market model will be when they launch new drugs, lots of hand-wringing and a fair dose of confusion (that included me, too!). So let’s use a recent Deloitte report and some CMS content to define it. What I ask is: do any of you readers see this impacting your brands today? Are people putting their heads in the sand? Are they accepting the inevitable and trying to shape it? Here’s an infographic from a Xerox company healthcare survey: After taking in that content and facts from the survey, it seems that uncertainty as to whom Value-based serves is greater than the end goal of better quality care…

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Video Voices of Authenticity

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This link will lead you to the NY Times "Voices of" health ethnography on pancreatic cancer. So many things make this page and this series so powerful. But one factor rises above all others: the people are genuine and authentic, and the pictures just lets that come through. I wrote a few weeks ago about what I considered the very mixed and mixed-up state of oncology brand Websites and what many still lack. Mixing this train of thought with the another I have been contemplating — the power of storytelling –  I realized that the use of video has become a magic button for pharma/biologic companies, like someone said, "If you do video, you'll finally connect with your patients."…

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