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H2H Marketing is here: Is Biopharma ready? Probably not.

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Well, technology and marketing have caught up with a post I did nearly 2 years ago: the emergence of Human-to-Human marketing. Let’s do an update. The rapid evolution of marketing automation, BI tools, the ability to build a patient or customer profile based on far more than one-dimensional Rx consumption or prescribing habits, the era of Human-to-Human marketing is on our doorstep. Are we as Biopharma marketers ready and able? Probably not. But understanding what has evolved is also to understand how best to take advantage of it. To start to understand truly “human marketing” you need to see that equal value if the analytical tools, but also empathy and compassion. Cleveland Clinic sets the bar high but we should…

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30,000 new patients? Free consults? Telehealth/Telemedicine takes off. (But can doctors compete?)

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(A 3-minute read but great content to explore to get the deeper story! I am going to bookend this post.) Here’s a novel idea: maybe Biopharma can expand their business model to include tele-health services and develop this new revenue stream and offer it to large health systems? These past few weeks seemed like “Tele-health Month” in my email and in the content I read weekly. But as usual amidst all the noise, market and human realities need to be considered. Before we get to the take-off of tele-health, let’s look at the current leader of the treatment model — the doctor. Tele-health vendors are filling in some vital cracks in the health system. Doctors in large systems or in…

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The A.I. Challenge: What happens when robots replace truck drivers? A fascinating view of one economic theory.

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AI is seeping into our conscious but not as quickly as it is seeping into the technology we already use or about to purchase — like Amazon Echo or Financial Service Bots, to name two. What happens when robots replace drivers? Not just like the Uber Pittsburgh pilot, or those in Silicon Valley, I am speaking of the real truck drivers — and the Pew interactive graphic is a bit stunning to view — never did I imagine in so many states being a truck driver in the dominant job. This email from the Octalysis a Weekly email, which usually has a singular focus on gamification but this week took a social engineering note that blew my mind. Here is…

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