Biopharma listened! IMS reports on health apps improving

By January 30, 2016Biopharma

IMS is a highly trusted source of news and data for the entire healthcare industry. But often the focus is on Biopharma — and in this one specific instance — a new update on their tracking the evolution of health apps for patients and doctors.

They report that as of end of 2015, there were over 165,000 health-related apps in the market. In this report, IMS analyzed over 26,000 of these apps. While improvement has occurred from earlier reports (which had the abysmal stats of 75% of all health apps abandoned after 3 months!) there is still much work to do.

But this new report is a mixed bag or encouraging progress and what is still left to do to truly make a health app data-safe, integrates better User Experience customer-centric and relevant over time. Let’s look he highlights…because I have a much more in-depth post coming on cutting edge apps for mental illness.

As the leader of the report, Murray Aitken puts it very succinctly: “While much progress has been made over the past two years, mHealth apps are still far from being a fully integrated component of healthcare delivery,” said Murray Aitken, executive director of the IMS Institute for Healthcare Informatics. “Healthcare providers are actively addressing the remaining barriers. These include developing and adopting trusted platforms for ongoing apps curation and evaluation, creating practical reimbursement models and ensuring true interoperability within and across healthcare systems.”

The IMS report source:

The highlights:

  • App connectivity becomes a major focus for developers
  • Overwhelming choice without guidance limits usefulness of healthcare apps; over half of all health app downloads come form just 96 apps. That sure speaks to a lot of wasted money and time.
  • A growing movement is underway to build evidence supporting the value of mHealth apps.
  • Providers agree that the value mHealth apps can deliver is high, but barriers to full adoption remain.

The industry is at an important stage of evolution — the old lackluster, brand-centric approach to app development is giving way to greater focus on passive data collection and relevance.

Stay tuned for more on mHealth apps…lots of change, lots to say!