8 Things Missing from Healthcare Programs

The infographic below (from The Healthcare Marketing blog on WordPress) is like a primer on what Best Practices would be if healthcare marketing were ever organized for execution holistically for clients in pharma/biotech. When I saw it, I felt like it was a bug "DUH!" But after I got past my initial cynicism, I realized that it was so fundamental that it was worth sharing. And by sharing, I add a good dose of hope that these elements can be enabled for the betterment of all — patients, doctors, hospitals and manufacturers. The writer said it was a "future" view…but I disagree. This is the Now that only continues to rise like a never-ending incoming tide. 

For client-side marketing folks, it comes down to two elements to achieve what this infographic proposes:

1. Organized out of solos. Start using cross-functional teams. 

2. Pull down the castle-walls of your company and embrace transparency — however you can, and in whatever does you can tolerate.