The “Periodic Table of Storytelling”, an amazing resource for a strategy we all should embrace

Storytelling by employees, patient advocates and patients themselves who just feel compelled to share…this is a fundamental strategy that Pharma, ACO’s, Hospitals, need to use NOW to break down the barriers between their customers/patients and the inherent regulatory and cultural limitations they have to deal with.

As an example, Pharma which has a terrible reputation (undeserved, complex and not black and white), should be the first category to stop creating non-authentic, non-emotional, advertising and create credibility and connection through storytelling. It is a gravity point for human-2-human communications and connection. Unlike MLR fears of QOL promises gone amok, the fact is, patients just want to hear a “real” voice to relate to. Authenticity would do wonders for Pharma Brands. It is one reason why Pharmacists trust levels are rising.

But there are so many types of stories! Luckily, there is not a condition in existence where there is not someone who has a passion for how they suffer, how they live, how they treat – activate this! The classic hiring of Snow & Associates patient Advocates for on-the-ground events is little more than minor league storytelling, it is playing small.

Below I am sharing the “Periodic Table of Storytelling.”  This is a great tool and guide for inspiring and organizing storytelling content. Play with this tool – you will be amazed and inspired.


Storytelling periodic table  4.22.14



Please use the link to interact with the Table:

Let’s just take Pharma companies…the troika of authenticity and credibility would be stories told by: employees, patients/caregivers and scientists. This covers a range of passions, missions, journeys — all the stories people crave. And for MLR, you can make it branded if you just do not allow open field feedback.

I have asked this before: what would happen if you gave an entire Brand digital experience over to storytelling by the troika I mention above? In oncology this would be ground-breaking. It goes “Beyond the Pill” which is the use of service as a ways to both support the patient and practice — but in a way, while important, it is often functional support, not personal, human or emotional support, which at the heart of loyalty, an issue of evermore crowded therapeutic categories.

Can this be done? Would a Brand be brave enough? Could it be a true differentiated in message that breaks through the clutter of all the data and noise?