The Future of the Web User Experience? And What Does It Mean Now?

By September 3, 2009Uncategorized

You have to use the link below to take you to Aurora, the future of the Web. This is an amazing video. I got in from Craig DeLarge, a real Thought Leader.

But when I wrote that subject line of this entry, I thought, "User experience or Web Browser"? But then I realized that my very question defined my own limitations on understanding not just what is possible, but what is coming!

You watch this and realize that we are all living with our limitations and this also applies to marketing. As everyone does their brand plans, how about one innovative idea in the mix? How about something that has no firm ROI? I do not mean just Social Media — what about having a brand team up with a spa? Or a cereal? Or work with Pepsi and their wellness group? Or develop a book of the published stories of patients? 

This demo tells me that pharma/biotech marketing has the opportunity to work very well with the future as painted by the Aurora browser. At the core of a patient experience, especially early on in their experience as well during periods of stress, is the need for immediacy. 

A psychologist once told me that the key behavior that a patient goes through is they are told something by the doctor, they follow those instructions and then the questions start; who answers those questions? And by not being able to get those answers immediately what is the impact of those festering questions, which turn to doubts which, inevitably, becomes non-adherence. How about offering a handheld technology to oncology patients after a transfusion that is a patients form of ePocractes? Immediacy. (And great PR for the company among doctors and others.)