The 3 Realities of Healthcare and Technology

By June 21, 2013Uncategorized


Technology and health care are like two trains going full-steam, blustering and shouting their efforts; making all the noise about digital adoption, role of EHR's, mobile health, remote health monitoring, wearable devices, Apps galore — but are these two trains even on any rails? Does anyone have a road map for what we are currently experiencing? I think not (though I will show one that Gartner did in a little bit.) 

So, let's just take mobile, or mHealth. I read excellent article on top 5 iPad and iPhone physician Apps ( And they are all the tried-and-true expected companies like MedScape, ePocrates, etc. 

I then read an article on the Mobile Landscape, with a great infographic from Lumascape: 

…and finally, I decide to play HCP/patient, go on the App Store, and investigate Apps for a conditions people are deeply engaged with — Multiple Sclerosis. I surfed and reviewed the top 20 Apps for iPad and iPhone. If I were a patient, I'd be so happy that I have such support available. Until I read the reviews, which were awful. 


Here is TEVA's App mean to help manage Copaxone injections; the patient installed, deleted, and reinstalled. Really? Embarrassing. 

All this leads to a pretty straight-forward conclusion: 
1. Health care technology is accelerating.
2. Organizational and personal adoption seems to be much slower.
3. And are we focusing on the right elements for success? 

Next week, I am Chairing a two-day conference in NY titled, "Mobile Pharma BizTech." What i will be watching for is not the hype, the buzz, the Big Data miracles, or the coolest shiny object. What I will be watching for is Meaningful Use…my definition being: It serves a need, it is easy to use and I am satisfied. Human common sense meet technology.