30,000 new patients? Free consults? Telehealth/Telemedicine takes off. (But can doctors compete?)

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(A 3-minute read but great content to explore to get the deeper story! I am going to bookend this post.) Here’s a novel idea: maybe Biopharma can expand their business model to include tele-health services and develop this new revenue stream and offer it to large health systems? These past few weeks seemed like “Tele-health Month” in my email and in the content I read weekly. But as usual amidst all the noise, market and human realities need to be considered. Before we get to the take-off of tele-health, let’s look at the current leader of the treatment model — the doctor. Tele-health vendors are filling in some vital cracks in the health system. Doctors in large systems or in…

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Does Biopharma “get” the role of caregiver? Do any of us really market to their needs? Ask 65 million people. (Part 1 of 2).

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Summary: 65 million caregivers. Their role is often undefined, undeserved and undersupported. Are we as marketers, and as human beings, missing out on a key audience and the opportunity to engage with a key Influencer? Caregivers challenges are formidable — there must be ways to help. While this is an ever-growing part of the population, we as brand marketers in healthcare need them on our side — or rather, we need to be at their side! Remember, when your branded treatment needs to be part of the conversation, a caregiver may be your best sales force!  So, best advice: don’t reinvent the wheel. Check out the numerous existing resources (some examples in this post) before developing any strategy; look to…

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Biopharma listened! IMS reports on health apps improving

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IMS is a highly trusted source of news and data for the entire healthcare industry. But often the focus is on Biopharma — and in this one specific instance — a new update on their tracking the evolution of health apps for patients and doctors. They report that as of end of 2015, there were over 165,000 health-related apps in the market. In this report, IMS analyzed over 26,000 of these apps. While improvement has occurred from earlier reports (which had the abysmal stats of 75% of all health apps abandoned after 3 months!) there is still much work to do. But this new report is a mixed bag or encouraging progress and what is still left to do to…

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mHealth Apps: Brands missing both ends of the Patient Journey

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mHealth Apps. As the saying goes, so much sound and fury signifying nothing. The stats are abysmal: 26% of health apps used only once 75% of all Apps get deleted within 3 months due to people not want to spend the time learning how to use them* 90% abandonment after 6 months** 57% of apps brought in fewer than 500 downloads** Just look at what IMS uncovered in an incredibly thorough mHealth App analysis last fall. Over 46,000 health-related Apps reviewed. Even with the rush-to-App that has occurred, there is a chasm between the good intentions of the Brand/Company and the needs of the patient. This chasm can be overcome. Frankly, to avoid irrelevance, it must be overcome. As with…

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Is Biopharma in or out? Shaping the New Healthcare Eco-system.

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It’s like a small earthquake occurring in the Biopharma/LS Industry. But an earthquake nonetheless! As usual, we start with the tumult of reports, trends, the content angst of “Change”… Start with a report from a Big 4 Consulting firm saying, “The silos must come down!”, and then another from Manhattan Research saying, Top Trend for 2014*: “Continuity of Care continues to build, meaning many points of care…”; or another Manhattan Trend, “Customers proliferate, demanding a coordinated approach.” Then you read some out-of-left-field news that Samsung is going to produce an Rheumatoid Arthritis drug and app to support it. And here’s a view of some of the non-Healthcare players moving in: The Healthcare Eco-System is breaking apart and coming together. Where,…

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Medieval Helpdesk to today’s UX: have we gotten any better?

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Customer Experience has been around forever. Only now has it become THE driver in the Economy —  for reasons we all know, ponder and agonize over as marketers. But more than mapping experiences or buying the best tools, we all need to focus on the quality of that experience — how information-relevant, how visual, how human they are in style and content. Sometimes you just have to laugh when you see someone does not “get” it — as you will when you watch this hilarious YouTube spoof of the Medieval Helpdesk (link at end of blog Post.). But the evolution of UX has now moved from push-pull marketing to the complex dance of technology and Human Insight and measurement. Let…

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The “Periodic Table of Storytelling”, an amazing resource for a strategy we all should embrace

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Storytelling by employees, patient advocates and patients themselves who just feel compelled to share…this is a fundamental strategy that Pharma, ACO’s, Hospitals, need to use NOW to break down the barriers between their customers/patients and the inherent regulatory and cultural limitations they have to deal with. As an example, Pharma which has a terrible reputation (undeserved, complex and not black and white), should be the first category to stop creating non-authentic, non-emotional, advertising and create credibility and connection through storytelling. It is a gravity point for human-2-human communications and connection. Unlike MLR fears of QOL promises gone amok, the fact is, patients just want to hear a “real” voice to relate to. Authenticity would do wonders for Pharma Brands. It…

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