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30,000 new patients? Free consults? Telehealth/Telemedicine takes off. (But can doctors compete?)

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(A 3-minute read but great content to explore to get the deeper story! I am going to bookend this post.) Here’s a novel idea: maybe Biopharma can expand their business model to include tele-health services and develop this new revenue stream and offer it to large health systems? These past few weeks seemed like “Tele-health Month” in my email and in the content I read weekly. But as usual amidst all the noise, market and human realities need to be considered. Before we get to the take-off of tele-health, let’s look at the current leader of the treatment model — the doctor. Tele-health vendors are filling in some vital cracks in the health system. Doctors in large systems or in…

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3 Ingredients to create a Patient Sales Force

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This is such an important topic that I will provide three case studies in three separate posts. This one will focus on MS Atrium/Aubagio for MS. Summary: Once again, healthcare tidal forces come into play: The rise of consumerism with the commensurate shifting of cost burden and care to patients Doctor’s lack of time & potential lack of Rx control (only 39% left in private practice, the rest now part of the Master Hospital Network) The proliferation information on the Internet (Dr Google is rising and Apple Kit is here!) Those and several other trends create ingredients for the rising of the Patient Sales Force — those you empower to ask for treatment and get your Brand. Let’s review what…

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