Is Biopharma in or out? Shaping the New Healthcare Eco-system.

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It’s like a small earthquake occurring in the Biopharma/LS Industry. But an earthquake nonetheless! As usual, we start with the tumult of reports, trends, the content angst of “Change”… Start with a report from a Big 4 Consulting firm saying, “The silos must come down!”, and then another from Manhattan Research saying, Top Trend for 2014*: “Continuity of Care continues to build, meaning many points of care…”; or another Manhattan Trend, “Customers proliferate, demanding a coordinated approach.” Then you read some out-of-left-field news that Samsung is going to produce an Rheumatoid Arthritis drug and app to support it. And here’s a view of some of the non-Healthcare players moving in: The Healthcare Eco-System is breaking apart and coming together. Where,…

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