H2H Marketing in Biopharma: A Utopian ideal, naivete or the inevitable and needed conclusion.

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So what happens when Biopharma deploys all the digital/multi-channel technology it is investing in? A vessel without a mission is one adrift. You won’t just be crunching data, blasting emails and refining Segments, you will be speaking with people, on their terms and with their own specific emotions and motivations. Time to talk about H2H. H2H, in simplest terms, is approaching marketing from a profoundly human, empathetic, authenticity-based common sense approach. It is the wrapper around the technology. Why is H2H important to know about? Because to ignore it is to court failure of the greatest magnitude and to embrace it is to pave the path to a future where healthcare is truly patient-centric and our industry reputation goes from…

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