Patients are Consumers, Too

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So, off to Epharma Summit! It has been a year and a lot has changed in the online pharma/biotech world since the last conference. Video has taken off. Obsessively text-based sites are on their way out. Some brands are starting to use social media, and it is increasingly being considered an essential part of pharma marketing. Unbranded marketing is back for good, now that brand marketers understand that a database of prospects is worth the cost and effort of an unbranded campaign. It has been a year in which the exer-expanding capabilities of the interactive world have started to be properly utilized by more and more brands.

And much of the innovation that has occurred is due to the influence of mass-market interactive work. Marketers are gradually realizing that patients are not simply data points, but human beings who respond, feel and react to pharma marketing just as they respond to all other marketing. This is especially true of interactive. Pharma has always operated in its own silo, and gradually, that is being removed. Our marketing thinking is guided more and more by the same principles that govern regular consumer marketing. This is a good thing.

We here at Ryan are very straightforward in our nod to the real world patients live in: we believe patients are consumers. Plain and simple. How they make decisions, how they approach  "purchase" decisions (read = treatment), how they are appealed to and how every day brands ask for their loyalty and re-purchase(read = adherence.) are all very similar to consumer marketing, and getting closer all time.

The structure of our agency reflects this. We may be a group of smart, compassionate pharma/biotech marketers, but we tap into the agency we are a part of, Ryan iDirect for creative inspiration. Ryan iDirect does direct response campaigns for some very big consumer brands, and what they do gives us a real boost in doing what we do. So, despite my praise of pharma, the fact is, iDirect's consumer marketing expertise helps power our work at TrueHealth. Take a look:

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