Part 2: HCP Marketing: The enemy is Time

By January 11, 2015Uncategorized

Summary: On Part 1 I posted last week, I stated a number of factors that focused on why HCP’s are so hard to impact and engage these days. Yes there is plethora of means to do so, but there are also many barriers. The main one is they have no time!

This post focuses on the App-mania…the challenges HCP’s face as they try to work with their patients, satisfaction ratings and Outcomes.

Let’s look at mHealth App-Mania as I like to call it. Reports say upwards of 50% of doctors recommend Apps…yet only a slightly lower % also report they get bombarded by their patients FitBit etc, data.

The mHealth App world is a train wreck, only now starting to sort itself out. You can almost call mHealth Apps V.1, The Wreck. IMS late-2013 study* on 40,000 mHealth Apps tells it all.

Now, break it down by true need…

…and then you learn that 75% have been downloaded under 500 times; and that after 3 months, a gross majority of those Apps are abandoned! How is a doctor supposed to navigate that? Once again, it they have no time…

…then you need to be more customer-centric and perhaps reach out to hospital systems to develop better, more interconnected Apps; one’s that actually can evolve with a patient need, from tracking early on to “living well” later as they develop a more educated, less emotional relationship with their condition.

Or perhaps more large healthcare companies, Pharma, PBM, hospitals, should be creating consortium to negotiate with Apple HealhtKit. (I know, it’s already happening.)

App-mania is already around the doctor but with little guidance or time, how can they navigate what to recommend and what do they actually do with that data when a patient presents it? This would be a perfect time for a Pharma company with a portfolio of treatment aimed at a narrow list of doctors to partner with a health App company — likeMobileSmith — and work with hospital networks to create more standardized and effective creation and use of patient Apps.

The time has come to view the doctor as an Omni-channel creature as a key driving strategy. Then budget marketing that shapes and delivers against the insights, behaviors and attitudes and how they move through their day and job. xl marketing. This graphic does a nice job:

What’s more, the need for a dashboard approach that is Customer-centric and can track the HCP Journey through the day, week, month, and manage all the touch points, is one of the major challenges we marketers face in trying to market to and then measure this new Omni-channel doctor. Actually, the dashboard is the vessel — it is the creative, innovative, insight-based analysis that matters most.

Customer-centricity is more than a report or a dashboard. (Love the Wizard. Now he knew Marketing Automation!) I actually like the Cloudbridge dashboard:

As we finish off the year, new time-sucking challenges face HCP’s in 2015 — ICD-10 Codes, new Outcomes challenges from the government and Meaningful Use 2. All of these are going to distract the HCP from your Brand message.

But with all challenges come new opportunities. This may be the year where we marketers do three things to help HCP’s:

1. Make everything we send them (whatever platform, bite-size etc.) easy to consume and react to.

2. Never forget multi-screen UX.

3. Consider their challenges and how perhaps we can help them navigate them.

I sincerely hope my blog posts have been helpful to you who have taken the time to read them; they are meant to stir-the-pot but also provide inspiration. Thank you all!

* IMS Patient App Report, 2013.