MedAdNews Interview

By June 29, 2009Uncategorized

At the heart of being patient-centric is the notion that you need to cede control of your brand to some degree to the needs/wants/fears/wishes of your customer.

We did this Patient Power Study and asked a whole lot of people across several disease states whom they trusted when making a health care decision, and why.

MedAd News decided to publicize the results this week.

I was so sure that the results of the HCL patient, and the high blood pressure patient would be in conflict with that of the RA patient. But boy was i wrong. They had hugely similar answers despite condition– and I learned then: the human condition trumps the disease condition. We also learned that lesson at an Adherence conference we led last fall — but that is another entry some other time.

The Phamalive link leads you to a top line results of the Study. But the point of the interview was the doctor/patient dialog. I hope someone out there finds it inspires them as we enter the brand planning season.

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