I hate predictions, so here goes!

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Don’t you feel it? Everything seems to be moving faster. Have we sped up? No, we are being led by the Speed of Digital.

When the Unilever head of marketing, worldwide, declared “Digital is dying,” he made it clear it was dead as a  separate “thing” or media or channel: it is ubiquitous. That it true. My old boss, Charlie Tarzian once told me, in the year 2000: the Internet is elastic, you make of it what you want.

For all of you who study and read our industry, sometimes a moment occurs when the lens comes into focus.

I would say that the paths and predictions I see emerging are:

  • A 5-screen world (the 5th being your car…scary, I know.)
  • Multi-channel switches over to Omnichannel (as many non-Pharma companies have)
  • Biopharma starts to form health consortium’s and partnerships with the other members of the healthcare eco-system.
  • They become more transparent and use their Medical Regulatory Legal process not as blockage against the world, but the home of wise guidance for how to engage and be safe in the world that is crowding in all around of us, e.g. Social Media.
  • Biopharma, already learning the process of manufacturing biomarkers, starts to build devices. (After all, Samsung announced it was manufacturing an RA treatment.)
  • Biopharma companies will take their extra cash and enter the world of tele-medicine, hospital networks and other parts of the healthcare system.
  • Emergence of Social Customer Service.
  • Richard Meyer of World of DTC blog believes Pharma companies should create their own communities* — the link is below. I think CML Earth was the first I know of. I agree with him — after all, why not sub-franchise Patients like Me to Novartis?

But none of this — or any of 100 other predictions — comes true without one thing. The Biopharma C-Suite.

I have seen a lot of research lately that seems to be hand-wringing from CMO’s and CEO’s over how to control this Speed of Digital, how not to fall behind but leverage it for business.

Has anyone seen examples in Healthcare — beyond Biopharma — where they see Digital Transformation work? Please share your own predictions or shred mine!