Ok, it’s not easy. But my guess is you have much of what you need to get started. Let me define the process I use at a high level: Common Sense is insight mining through every available analytucs source, all research, quant and qual., looking for the real human insights. The customer unmet need. The uncovered truth. It is not just analysis; it is intuition that uncovers what you need.

Analytics? What tools do you currently use? What do the reports tell you? If you look at page 1 of your analytics report and you don’t learn something new, then toss it away. Let me review, deconstruct and reconstruct your KPI’s and analytics against the Journey using the content you have developed.

Meaning and Measurement are more than words to me, they are the intersection of the fundamental strategy of mapping content and analytics to where your customer “is” on their Journey.

Doing this one content and analytics alignment exercise in your Customer Journey allows you to create and evaluate your marketing, that simple. (Not easy to do though.)

Ask these questions: What content met your KPI’s? What device and time was it on and to whom? Where were they in the Journey? What is your next step?

Now let’s get started.

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