H2H Marketing is here: Is Biopharma ready? Probably not.

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Well, technology and marketing have caught up with a post I did nearly 2 years ago: the emergence of Human-to-Human marketing. Let’s do an update. The rapid evolution of marketing automation, BI tools, the ability to build a patient or customer profile based on far more than one-dimensional Rx consumption or prescribing habits, the era of Human-to-Human marketing is on our doorstep. Are we as Biopharma marketers ready and able? Probably not. But understanding what has evolved is also to understand how best to take advantage of it. To start to understand truly “human marketing” you need to see that equal value if the analytical tools, but also empathy and compassion. Cleveland Clinic sets the bar high but we should…

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11 CEO’s weigh in: Is there one main thing you could do to fix the healthcare system?

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Is there one main thing you could do to fix the healthcare system? Becker’s Hospital Review asked 11 healthcare system CEO’s what was the the one thing they each would do first to fix the system we have. What is interesting is not just what they say, but the implication that no matter what aspect of healthcare you work in, the challenges seem enormous and unresolved. It is like a wound that will not heal. For those of us working on the manufacturer side, these pithy quotes are eye-opening and can be taken as dire. But flip it on its head: these also expose opportunities for the Biopharma industry, which is in a tumult itself. Can these challenges be an…

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