As the year ends, Life Science clients need to “think content” and fast in 2014!

By December 28, 2013Uncategorized

As the year ends, it seems to me that for Life Science companies, they need to start "thinking digital" aggressively in the new year. Two really useful articles for clients to read.

First from the Content Marketing Institute,! What is particularly interesting is the pragmatic advice that clearly would rub the creative approval process the wrong way — i.e. "cutting people out" — because everyone wants their two cents in on the most minuscule piece of creative.

The second is a post by Richard Meyers of He frames the approach to content around the Google algorithm changes (Hummingbird) and the need to consider SEO and the relationship to content.

Why pharma marketers must focus more on content

While Life Science companies search for the right infrastructure for omni-channel marketing, they better be using that RFP and install time to focus on organizational change and stop making digital an add-on aspect of marketing. As I heard someone say this fall, "Digital is dead, it is all digital."

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