Inspiration-time! Great sites for UX, Story-telling (and not Pharma! one’s either!

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Navel-gazing, they call it.This used to be the expression for folks who were too self-engrossed to see beyond their belly button. All too frequently, all of us suffer from it. With content creation, technology and media evolution happening faster than Moore’s Law, it is very easy to become myopic in how we view Digital/MCM. To get past this, we should search, crave, embrace sources of inspiration to make ourselves smarter, better marketers.

Case in point: I was working with some great folks at AppWapp in Montreal (, and the project/design lead, Sabrina, and I were struggling a bit to take my Brand Exercise output and craft the new Web site experience for Pleio, the patient adherence company. I suspect I was being a bit myopic myself!

(As an aside, AppWapp is GREAT to work with.)

As the ideas flowed around the Brand hierarchy and messaging work I had done with their executives, she said, let me send you some sites for inspiration. At the core of these inspiring Web Experiences below is the direct correlation between great content/User Experience and the sales/loyalty it can create when all elements dance well together.

Here is how she explained them to me:

How to explain visually a product and its benefits (and what a great product for health…I may buy one myself!):

Good scrolling for all devices…here is page “2”…

A brilliant U.K copywriter website:

Ruleof3 Home page

That is the Home Page and page “2”…and just let yourself enjoy how their Story unfolds; and they admit their challenge: writers who have to use images. So creative. Imagine telling the story of developing a new drug story — from Clinical to Launch. People would be riveted.

The following site explains a lot about a complex thing:

It is a long scrolling Experience, but don’t miss interacting with the icons as they appear.

A bank? Russian and EU? Side scroll side swipe:



In conclusion, and before I show the last and perhaps most quirky site, the lesson is clear: we have to think across many axes of design, words, colors, UX, interface, on and on. It is not easy. But the need is not design for design’s sake. The sad truth is that in Biopharma world, 70% + Web sites are not Responsive and rely on a tedious over-use of text. Soon they will all be irrelevant. In the end, it impacts your business.

Hopefully, all these examples will inspire clients to put their Agency to the test by enjoying/learning more about bad versus good design/UX.

Don’t let the Agency sell your Brand short and do not let your internal machinations limit the opportunity to differentiate your Brand. Besides, in the Age of Consumerism, don’t fool yourself into believing the old ways still engage anyone. Just check your non-Responsive home page Bounce Rates — 90% perhaps?

That is today’s inspiration! I hope we all learn to not navel-gaze but learn from others and each other. One point before leaving you with a great tutorial on the “why” of design: this is not about innovation. This is about evolution of Experience, raising the bar and common sense.

This is a fun explanation of design: