Welcome to the customer-in-control, media-fractured,
time-squeezed world.

Who is truly paying attention?

Your Customer.

Connecting and measuring every step of the your Customer(s) Journey is more than a business requirement, they expect it. And they expect you to make it as smooth as possible.

Yet, my guess is that there is no one holistic Customer Journey everyone abides by for marketing and strategic harmony – after all, as a road map, you look for the opportunities. Equally, you quickly see the cracks in the cement and bumps in the road. Sometimes you can fix them, sometimes not: but at least you know where the bumps are. Those are opportunities, too.

Greater conversion? Competitive advantage? Have no doubt, owning your own Customer(s) Journey will give you advantage in many ways. For example, I can demonstrate how even tinkering with your digital media – display, site, eCRM — and your Call Center can greatly increase conversions. In the end, it is the holistic view which allows for the best planning.

But as you read this, remember you are also a consumer. Think of the bad service you put up with, what frustrates you, what seems such common sense to fix – all you want is a smooth, easy experience with those you give your money to! That’s right, you are the customer. Simple, common sense stuff.

Well, that’s what I do.

And for execution? I know plenty of extremely talented people and agencies.

Common Sense CX. Applying analytics and humanity, meaning and measurement.

Just one conversation or meeting, that is all it will take. You will say: Alfred gave me something I can use now. Because as much as I enjoy making money, I am moved by the need to solve problems and help good people. That means helping you see the benefit of the Journeys and how your entire marketing investment works together. Or where it doesn’t.

Common Sense CX.

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